Covid digital passport
Keep your staff, visitors and patients safe using our covid identity verification system

Our easy to use and operate system, verifies ID and checks any Covid credentials whilst respecting privacy and adhering to GDPR.

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Covid Digital Passport

Our objectives are to facilitate economic regeneration post lockdown and to reduce the hardship and the spread of Covid19 (c19) with better managed social distancing procedures. This is achieved by providing, digitally, proofs of individuals' c19 credentials (e.g. previous c19 infection, results of c19 and antibody tests etc.) in absolute privacy preserving environment governed by the Self-Sovereign Identity Framework. We have already built systems using similar technology to help combat modern slavery and we are active members of the Self Sovereign Identity community. Collaborating with, a leading VeinID expert in the secure biometric identity Sector, the software/hardware combination promises to open up a new paradigm of effective and secure access controls using their ‘Fingo’ hardware.

The solution brings great benefit to Care homes, hospitals and other Covid endangered organizations staff members and residents.

The EN Digital Passport Collaboration

The Enduring Net solution

By August 2020, it was estimated that over 800,000 people worldwide had lost their lives to Covid19 and is still growing.

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Self-Sovereign Identification (SSI/ZKP)

Self Sovereign Identity & Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) is an improvement on current ID systems in that it offers

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Fingo and Sthaler

FinGo is the world’s first biometric identity authentication solution, open to everyone. Powered by Hitachi’s VeinID technology since 2015.

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Trinsic and Sovrin

This project is supported by Trinsic, formerly known as ‘Streetcred’ following SSI open standard set by Sovrin.The Sovrin Foundation is a not for profit organization

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Many other enjoy the trust of our solution

The EN Covid19 digital passport is something that all care facilities should be looking at. Following on from the demonstration we had on-site, and all the negative press with Track and Trace, both myself and my staff feel that the industry is crying out for something like this. The ability to identify an individual and present their authorised Covid19 status almost instantly at the door without breaking any privacy laws will be invaluable to our industry, not to mention other industries benefiting from this as well.

Spencer Gibbons

Owner of Independent Living/Warren Manor, Day care facility, Blackpool.

Project Management Team

Ken Foster

General Project Manager and Project Strategist

Zeljko Milinovic

Technical Project Lead

Ser-Huang Poon

Charity Founder and Project Lead

Dave Blundell

Project Communications

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a ‘digital passport’?

    A digital passport is an electronic way of proving your personal credentials. The benefit of being digital is that there is no need to carry important documents around with you that are expensive and difficult to replace should you lose them or worse still, have them stolen.

  • There are two main differences that sets apart our solution from the others. Firstly, we use a technology called ‘Self Sovereign Identification’ or SSI, to ensure all data is securely and decentrally stored and encrypted. This also uses a data framework called ‘Zero Knowledge Proof’ or ZKP, in order to protect the individuals data by only making available the necessary information needed to make a decision. [This is explained in more detail in the solutions section].

    The really elegant part is that no third party entity such as Google, Apple or Facebook is required for this system to work, it operates independently making your personal information even safer from third party exploitation.

    Secondly, we use biometrics as well as smart phones to access the system. As far as we know this is the first time that biometrics has been used in combination with SSI. Using Vein ID we can register and identify an individual by the unique blood flow through their finger, which is 15x more accurate than an eye retina scan.

  • As testing becomes more readily available to the care home sector this system is basically able to confirm any visitors, care workers or patients Covid19 test results at the point of access. The ultimate benefit here is that we can stop the spread of the disease as workers move around from facility to facility.

    If used correctly we can also detect the start of an outbreak quickly and contain it before any further damage is done. If this system was in place at the beginning of the pandemic we would have saved thousands of lives, which is why it is important we continue our work and learn from the previous lessons to make sure we save lives in the future.

  • Ultimately this system could keep the economy safe and the public safer. Any industry that needs ‘bums on seats’ to survive can use this system to keep its doors open and the public safe at the same time.

    If you wanted to go out to a restaurant and had the choice of going to one with this system and one without, it's pretty clear which business is going to survive the crisis and who isn’t.

  • General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, is the new data privacy laws that were set by the EU and enforced from May 25th 2018. This is a new framework of privacy laws that is trying to protect the personal data of Europeans in an ever evolving digital world. This has meant that what was achieved in South East Asia, such as South Korea and Singapore with their Track and TRace systems at the pandemic were rendered prostrate in the western world due to privacy laws.

    We believe that using SSI is the most cutting edge technological way to ensure privacy laws are not contravened but the track and trace is equally effective under European law.

    We are currently campaigning for national evidence to support this technology and act on it soon to ensure the survival of our economy as well as our vulnerable.

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Influenza (Flu) and COVID-19 are both contagious respiratory illnesses, but they are caused by different viruses.

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