Fingo and Stahler explained:

FinGo is the world’s first biometric identity authentication solution, open to everyone. Powered by Hitachi’s VeinID technology since 2015, FinGo uses unique vein patterns hidden inside a finger to instantly identify and authenticate individuals without the need for cards or devices to be present.

Originally payments focused, parent company Sthaler Ltd was founded from a desire to create a cashless experience for festivals and events, with Fingopay introduced at Festival No 6. Since then the company graduated from the Visa Collabs program, and completed successful pilots at Proud Bar Camden, Brunel University, Copenhagen Business School and the Etihad Stadium Manchester.

A redesigned range of products is being launched under the new FinGo Brand including FinGoPay, FinGoID, FinGoID Plus and FinGoPass. The products focus on identity authentication, age verification and access, as well as payments. In June 2020 FinGo was approved for age verification by Manchester City Council Licensing Authority under Primary Authority guidelines.

So how does ‘Fingo’ fit in to the EN-Covid19 digital-passport solution for care homes?:

Self-Sovereign Identification and biometrics are ostensibly nothing new in the world of innovation, what is new is the combination of using both together. By combining the two technologies, what you have that is different, is a way of verifying someone’s identification using a part of the individual’s anatomy, which is ‘ever present’, but more interestingly the SSI element encrypts all the data and only grants the individual themselves full control over what personal information of theirs is given to who.

This is a massive paradigm shift in data management and ultimately ID verification. We can end the need for 3rd party trustees like Apple, Google or Facebook to verify our digital selves and use the data they collect for their own ends, and take back control of who knows what about my digital identity.

In the context of this project, the individual, such as either the care worker, patient or visitor only has their registered name and Covid19 test results displayed following their ID verification; once ID was confirmed and verified digitally at the care facility reception, only a name and test result was made available to the verifier. Simple and elegant.

Following on from Fingo’s massive successes this year, Sthaler, Blockpool and Enduring Net were the perfect collaboration for the Covid19 digital-passport solution.

[See SSI/ZKP section for further explanation]