SSI - Sovrin & Trinsic explained:

This project is supported by Trinsic, formerly known as ‘Streetcred’ following SSI open standard set by Sovrin. The Sovrin Foundation is a not for profit organization established to administer the framework governing the Sovrin Network, using the four core pillars of governance, community, operations, and adoption. Trinsic provides the underlying infrastructure for the covid team to build the solution on. Sovrin believes ‘Self-sovereign identity represents a shift in the way people handle their identity, authentication, and data. A safe, trusted, verified, private identity is an enabler to people everywhere and will have a far-reaching impact on how we live our lives.’ Both Trinsic and Sovrin are our infrastructure providers.

This technology addresses the considerable problems care homes have faced since the virus took hold earlier in the year. We now know that the about 30,000 more deaths in care homes were recorded in this covid pandemic compare to previous year. Only now we have a national system of covid testing all care home workers and residents in a regular basis. This technology will help to stop the covid spread at source, monitored and traced. As soon as an outbreak occurs its locked down almost immediately because the technology allows the authorities to ‘See their enemy’ for the first time. This saves lives.

It means care homes can make informed decisions about visitors, social distancing and isolation for those who need it, and making sure support services to care homes such as deliveries and catering follow the latest public health guidelines. What it also suggests, given the non-negligible chance of a second and multiple waves of the novel virus that this technology can not only be a pre-cursor to a true ‘Track and Trace’ system by integrating with geolocation tech, but also in keeping the local economies going through this difficult time by making this tech available to the local businesses who survive only by having face to face interaction or as they say in the hospitality trade ‘bums on seats’.